Monday, February 10, 2014

A Hot 80km Loop in Klang Valley with Dahon Speed P8

It was the 5th day of CNY and before I could go out for a ride I had to make sure that there is food on the table when they wake up... and when all situation at home is stable ... I shall then ride with peace....
Chinese New Year celebration is about eating and sleeping something has to be done to burn those calories ... I just couldn't resist the cool morning breeze.
From Setiawangsa I rode to Wangsa Maju, Danau Kota and reached this bend at Gombak.
I decided to venture into new areas to find more cycle-able paths and this was at the surroundings of Taman Pelangi.
I hit a couple of dead ends nevertheless I enjoyed seeing new discoveries like this dying trade in Kuala Lumpur ... a shrunk vegetable farm.
Old houses are slowly disappearing and taken over by tall dwellings.....
Somewhere in Sentul at the back portion of an army camp (Cantoment Camp) filled with abandoned army vehicles. There goes our money....
Just next to Chong Hwa Independent School, Ipoh Road there is this bike crossing over the railway lines....I find it fun using it.
The body started to get sweaty breathing polluted air following buses that produce black smoke ..... these buses should be taken away from the road ....
Cycling along LDP is definitely a no no ..... but I survived.
I crossed LDP with this bridge to SS4.
Prior to this place I visited one of my old buddy's (TC) house at SS4 Petaling Jaya for a cold beer but failed to locate Sek Joo's  (I knocked at a wrong house hehehe).
One for the album with Hwee Wen at SS2.
The afternoon sun on the fifth day of CNY was not that friendly at all and it was time to head for home ... everyone loves to cycle in a shady route like this one at KL Sentral Building but not for was then out into the blazing sun again.
Another one of my favourite paths along the river side near Central Market. How I wish it's all the way like this.
Choosing back lanes with cooler air is most preferred .....
This helps to break the monotony of cycling especially on a hot day.
Finally I reached Setiawangsa and all I wanted was a cold cendol.....the total distance cycled was 80km ... what a tired but satisfying effort.
Believe me this is one of the best cendol in town.
So this was the hot trail on the fifth day of Chinese New Year .... now that I can continue to eat and drink again without feeling guilty....cheers!!!

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