Monday, February 24, 2014

no 80 no go home

For the fun of it, I created an event to tour Klang Valley with an objective to hit 80km and if we do not achieve it we can not go home. Thank goodness we did it. And this was the route we took. You can also see it here for the detail tracking.
The long haul seekers were prepared not to go home, we met up and started at Lake Titiwangsa.
All geared up after a good breakfast and were ready to rock and roll.
The sky was clear and the sun was brighter than usual.
We took an anticlockwise direction of the loop and went through all kinds of road conditions.
Even railway crossing was not missed out in the ride.
Pit stop at Restoran Argyle, Ipoh Road for a rest, food & drinks. Majority of us ate the popular beef noodle.
The heat, the climb and the heavy traffic at certain stretches were major obstacles and resulted separation of the group in two occasions.
Fenn had a fall fortunately it was not serious she proceeded to ride.
We had to join the busy road of Kuala Selangor road for a short distant and took an interchange for Sri Damansara.
The foursome who went an extra distance in Sri Damansara when they missed a turning. The recovery and regrouping was tough they had to toiled with the intense heat coupled with a hilly climb.
This bridge crossing over LDP highway was very important to us as it was the most logical means to get to Sri Damansara from Kepong.
Shades were a luxury when cycling under a super hot sun.
Another crucial short cut between Sri Damansara and Damansara Perdana via a construction site by then we have already clocked 54km, 30km more to reached our desired mark.
We took the opportunity to visit bicycle shops to promote and create awareness of a current Bicycle Map Project by Cycling Kuala Lumpur.
We did it!!!
Well, we could treat this ride as a good training and preparation for the coming CFAL 6 in Penang with some similarities. I hope everyone enjoyed it. By the way I completed 87km from Titiwangsa while Jason did 100km from home.

Till then we shall continue to pedal.....

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