Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Steamed Chicken Rice at Restoran Tuck Cheong, Pudu

It was an interesting morning pedalling from one corner to another searching and deciding what to have for breakfast. There was a lot to offer in Pudu and I fell for Tuck Cheong for a reason.
It was this that I was back to Restoran Tuck Cheong I have missed it all the time whenever I am here and this time I got it. Something different found in a dim sum shop, a steamed chicken rice with slices of mushroom and lup cheong (Chinese sausage).
It is only available on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and in limited come early on 2, 4 or 6 to avoid any disappointment.
An awful tea pot but unique and I reckon this is one of the characteristics of Tuck Cheong.
Restoran Tuck Cheong
Jalan Kancil
Kuala Lumpur
GPS : 3.135926,101.713035

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