Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Boey Chong Kee 梅忠记 - One Old Eating House in Penang

Another trip back to Penang and this time it was for Cheng Beng and an awesome wedding event. As I was about to take the 2nd Penang Bridge into the island I gave a call to an old buddy, Jeff whether he has time for a dinner. Of course my friend obliged and asked me to go to Boey Chong Kee. I was late I had to parked my car a distance away and took my Jifo for the rescue to Cintra Street.
I nearly missed the first dish ...hehehe Eu Cha Koay fried with a mixed ingredient such as celery, lean meat, liver and prawns. Something interesting for a Tai Chow dish.
Another home cooked dish - leek fried with lean meat, mushroom, tau kwa and bean curd sheet.
 Fried egg that served with lettuce wrap.
Stir fried Kailan with garlic simple yet delicious.
The signature dish tender beef slices fried with spring onions and ginger.
Dinner was over and it was time to poison Jeff. Behind is People's Court the oldest flat in Penang and that's where Boey Chong Kee is located (ground floor of it). Getting to this place is a bit tricky but not with a bicycle.
Boey Chong Kee Restaurant 梅忠记
C-6, People’s Court
off Cintra Street
GPS : 5.417272, 100.333763

Tel : 04 2617672

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