Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Tour of South Thailand III - Day 2 (13/04) Songkran Festival at Thale Noi

 We spent the entire day at Thale Noi for the Bird Sanctuary exploration and witnessed a typical Songkran Festival. I reckon the celebration was not as crazy as in bigger towns like Bangkok, Chiangmai or Hatyai but good enough to have a feel of what Songkran is all about.
Just a few steps away from the Bird Sanctury we visited this shop for chicken rice just to complete our breakfast.
Everyone were waiting eagerly for the food as most of us took only porridge in the early morning.
 The yummy food at the shop.

  I guess everywhere in Thailand is celebrating this Thai New Year and we were lucky to be able celebrate it too.
Like everyone esle I was blessed with water (sometimes with iced water) and  coloured talc powder solution thrown at as we rode through the town.
Thailand was in a holiday mood and so were we. We were also taking the day off from long haul riding and loitering ourselves at the breezy lake edge of Thale Noi.
And enjoyed some interesting local taste. 
 It was so relaxing at the lake edge with nice wind blowing against us and exploring nooks and corners of this small Thai settlement. 
 Even on our way back to the resort we were not spared from getting wet.....everyone was happy throwing water.
Our dinner for the evening was at the same restaurant we had the night before.
The place was crowded on this auspicious day fortunately we made our booking.
Cheers everyone and hApPy Songkran!!!
A simple dinner followed with a couple of of beers at the resort and an early bed for the next journey to Ranot.

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