Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tour of South Thailand III - Day 2 (13/04) Thailand Biggest Bird Sanctuary

Initially we were skeptical as to whether we could get food early in the morning and moreover it was Songkran festival day. But we were lucky we could smell good food from a distance away as we were about to reach the small town of Thale Noi. True enough the fresh and warm local food was absolutely delicious.
Our main purpose of the day was to visit Thailand biggest water bird sanctuary at Thale Noi. The sanctuary is actually situated in the town itself and we were able to park our bicycles next at the entrance.
I do not have the slightest idea of what we will be seeing in this "bird park" and mind you the lake is really huge. This is seen from the entrance to the water world.
The boat that we will be sitting on it for the next 1 hour plus and had to pay 450baht for the cruise but it was all worth it.
Red lilies are seen every where in the lake never in my life I have seen such a massive and beautiful flowers floating on the water and at close range.
It was a good idea to visit the lake early in the morning we enjoyed seeing the sun rises and slowly more and more boats appearing on the water ferrying visitors.
Miles after miles this can be seen as the boat takes us further out in the water.....
The rising sun enhances the beauty of the surrounding and changing the landscape as it rises.
Apparently there are many migrating birds moving from north south direction on a seasonal basis and if you come in the right time of the year you could probably see more of them.
Birds of many species are seen unfortunately I am not a true bird enthusiast but I enjoyed seeing them at these marshy areas. 
Traps to bait fresh water fishes and no kidding many locals are depending on these resources for their livelihoods.
The foldies on a boat ride somewhere on the surface of Thale Noi Lake.
This waterway looks like a road highway, I guess it's cut and formed by the boats travelling everyday.
I found out that this elevated road is one of the most expensive road projects in Thailand amounting to 700 million baht and covering a distant of 17.5km.

It's back to the sanctuary center, what a gorgeous ride we had and a truly amazing experience at this bird sanctuary.

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