Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Revisiting Perez, Hulu Langat and Semenyih Dam

I love going to Hulu Langat for my bicycle ride it is safer if you compare to Genting Sempah .... it's with lesser vehicles and peaceful.

This time I had a chance to try a different folding bicycle it was a Tern Verge X10 belongs to Yong Lim and the bike is light and nippy. 
It has been a long time since I last rode to Semenyih Dam and the first time I did it was in July 15 2012 with my Dahon Speed P8 organised by Sam Cheong. It was an awesome experience coming up to this part of the world. This picture was taken back then.
And this is the situation of the dam due to the severe dry spell encountered lately in Selangor.
These were some of participants who were took part in this maiden ride of mine.

I began to meet new friends in the cycling circle and learning a lot about bicycle from all these sifu, I am still learning....
The route of my maiden ride.
It is a must to reach to this boundary line between Selangor and Negeri Sembilan and it is known as Perez. Riding beyond the border to the town called Titi is even more challenging.I have tried once but came back to this point with a support car. See the story here.
On 8th March 2014 I visited Hulu Langat again and I like it very much despite it was in a dry condition. I wanted to see how severe the reduced water level was at the dam and then we rode to Perez to complete the ultimate point.
Some of the vegetations were burnt making the surrounding looking dry and bare.
We shall return to Hulu Langat for another lovely ride. 

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