Saturday, August 02, 2014

Canadian Trip Day 17 - Downtown Toronto

No more Tim Hortons for breakfast, Thanks to Shibley for recommending Cora's. 
We love this place and the heat is definitely on for Tim Hortons as Cora is getting popular for its good service and delicious food.
Samira wake-up - A beautiful plate of lavishly cut fresh fruit served with a choice of toast.
Crepomelette Western Cheddar - A delicious crepe stuffed with a Western-Cheddar omelette, covered in Hollandaise sauce, served with fresh fruit and toast.
Cora's Special - 2 eggs, bacon, ham, sausage and crepe, served with roasted potatoes and toast.
Our happy breakfast to kick the day before we go Downtown Toronto.
The bridge is part of the Waterfront Trail along the shore of lake Ontario
Stretching over 1400km along the Canadian shores of Lake Ontario, Lake Erie, Lake St. Clair and the Niagara, Detroit and St. Lawrence Rivers, the Waterfront Trail connects 68 communities and over 405 parks and natural areas including wetlands, forests and beaches. 
Created to regenerate, celebrate and reconnect people to our Great Lake waterfronts, the Trail has become a well-loved and used recreation, fitness and green transportation amenity and a world-renowned tourism attraction.
It is largely paved and welcomes all types of non-motorized recreation including runners, cyclists, walkers, wheelchairs, strollers and rollerbladers. Shibley trying to get closer to the loonies.
When I saw this University of Toronto I had a same feeling as if I was visiting University of Edinburgh both looks quite alike especially with the Convocation Hall around.
I had no chance to cycle in this city and I hope I can come back to do it in the future.
Cathedral Church of St. James is the home of the oldest congregation in the city. The parish was established in 1797. The Cathedral, with construction beginning in 1850 and opening for services on 19 June 1853, was one of the largest buildings in the city at the time.
My happiest moment of the day was to be able to meet a friend I have not seen or contacted for at least 33 years. Thanks to Tami for the coincidental arrangement. Bravo!!! And we met at Market Street at last. I hope to see him again and most likely in Malaysia.
While I was catching up the lost time with Steven Loh, Jo & Jenny were busy at St. Lawrence market.
St. Lawrence Market is one of two major markets in Toronto, the other being Kensington Market. It was named the world's best food market by National Geographic in April 2012.
Tami gave us a treat at a popular Indian restaurant at Ray Lawson Boulevard, Brampton
Judging from the good crowd the food must good.
And true enough the food is authentic and simply delicious. That was a quick day for us, tomorrow is going to be our last day for the trip.

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