Saturday, August 30, 2014

Day 2 - Official Opening of KIP Mart Melaka with HaPpY Cycling

For the first time we were riding under a commercial banner where we got free accommodation, foods and tee shirts. Finally the day has come, some of the early birds set off to look for a popular dim sum in the historical city of Malacca.
This Dim Sum shop has apparently relocated we had a slight hitch finding it but eventually we got it. A place where the locals eat their dim sum. Ok ok lah nothing great but it was cheap...
The schedule was to start off from Casa Blanca Guest House at 9.00 pm and all the cyclists were back in time from their respective breakfasts for the flag bearing convoy.
Off we went penetrating Jonker's Walk and heading to Bachang.
There were three kids cycling together with us and were carefully guided by parents and some of us.
It was a short ride (less than 10 km) from Jonker Streets to Bachang.
A group picture with one of the bosses of KIP Group.
Another  boss arrived and another group photo was taken. We wish to take this opportunity to thanks KIP Group for their kind support. We want more!!!
We were waiting for the VVIP to arrive and our task was to escort him to the main entrance of the mall.
Friends from USJ Petaling Jaya who cycled all the way from USJ to Melaka and a big salute to these riders.
Time for a superstar award posing.....
Staff of KIP Mart were ready and waiting for the moment.
The hApPy Cyclists...
The escorts with bicycle bells ringing and also some blasting of air horns....well done comrades.
Another historical record for the group, the ceremony of the official opening of KIP Mart Melaka and a big congratulation to KIP Group.
Let's savour the fried chicken of Mary Brown. 
So this was the VVIP who officiated the opening of KIP Mart Melaka.
The mission was finally and successfully completed. Time to roll back to our base for a free and easy schedule before we go back to Kuala Lumpur.
Cheers & bye bye Malacca. We await another mission meanwhile hApPy cycling.

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