Wednesday, August 27, 2014

KIP Mart Melaka Pre Ride 23 Aug 2014

It was over a lunch with 2 Dato' they wanted a proposal from me as to how we can participate in their official opening of another KIP Mart at Melaka. A proposal was then submitted to them followed with 2 subsequent meetings and that was it we were on the road for a mission. 
Our mission was to invade Malacca World Heritage City with a minimum of 25 cyclists but a total of 41 cyclists came for this 2 days event.
One by one, the cyclists reported at Casa Blanca Guest House and by 4.30pm we were out into the town to create "havoc".
Moving around with a bicycle is such a breeze especially when you are out to see interesting places that are scattered apart. With our flags flying in this month of Independence we were somehow part of Malacca's attractions during these two days.
Jonker Walk is an amazing historical place with narrow roads, old shop houses selling old stuffs, souvenirs, pubs, eateries and others.
Our first stop was at the Dutch Square, interestingly Melaka was once upon a time ruled by the Dutch (sometime between 1641–1825) and it was the longest period that Malacca was under a foreign control.
We were also an attraction to many tourists.
Christ Church is the oldest functioning Protestant church in the country and it is also the oldest surviving Dutch church building outside Netherlands.
Moving to other icons of Malacca.
Here we were at A Famosa with our sponsor's banners. A Famosa is a Portuguese fortress. It is among the oldest surviving European architectural remains in South East Asia. The Porta de Santiago, a small gate house, is the only remaining part of the fortress still standing.
Cruising at the river side of Melaka.
Finally our last batch of riders from USJ comprising of 4 recumbents and a MTB joined us. 
They took 2 days to reach Melaka with a night camping at Port Dickson. I always like their company they are such an attraction to the public. Bravo to these recumbent riders. 
Thanks to Joe & Siew Yung for recommending this lovely place for dinner. The foods were awesome!!!
hApPy Cyclists having a wonderful time at Aunty Lee's restaurant.
One for Malacca and One for KIP Mart!!!
Before we call it a night we adjourned to Jonker's Walk for a hApPy hour.

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