Thursday, February 21, 2013

CNY - Ride to Serendah Waterfall from Rawang

30 cyclists and mostly folding bicycles celebrating the 7th day of Chinese New Year by cycling from Rawang to Serendah Waterfall and the trip was awesome. Well Done Cik Gu SC Chin for a fantastic planning and successful event. We want more.
 We gathered at Tesco Rawang early in the morning and there were two cyclists waiting at the Commuter train station to join the group.

The usage of main & busy roads was to the minimum unless it was unavoidable.
Bubbling Yellow Man (Larry) from Penang came to join the fun and he is such a playful guy.
This was the time we have no choice but to use the trunk road (not too long) and it was not that bad after all.

The small town of Serendah was shocked for a moment as we passed by at least we made them smile and brought colour to them.
It has been fun for me during this Watery Chinese New Year. Cycle cycle & cycle.
 Going through the Orang Asli Settlement was so refreshing.

Anne had a chance to taste a bit of off road riding
We rode a little further for a better spot and obviously it was worth the while to visit the upper stream.
We spent a fair bit of time enjoying the fun at the waterfall ... let strip and get into the water.
Cool & refreshing water spa.
A sneak into Sekeping Serendah Resort.
Quiet with only the sound of nature, what a lovely place to get away from the bustling city .
We were fortunate to met the creator of this master piece.
Some intruded into the privacy of the guest ....hello be considerate next time.
Bye bye Sekeping next time we will stay a night and enjoy to the max.

The best Leng Chee Kang in town ... cheap & good. Must try !!!!

RM2.00 per bowl with generous amount of ingredients.
Another popular landmark in Serendah the Seven Wells which was built by the British during the colonial days to prevent flooding and it is still standing majestically.
The ride.

The ride from Serendah Town to the Waterfall.
The schedule for those who want to commute the train to Rawang..

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