Tuesday, May 05, 2015

A Visit to Caffe Crema & Tea for Filter Coffee Appreciation

It was a Filter Coffee Appreciation Session at Caffe Crema & Tea. Thank you Caffe Crema & Tea for the invitation and not forgetting Xavier Mah. This was something new to me as far as coffee tasting is concerned. First and fore most I noticed there is a lot of gadgets for coffee making in the shop. They even have a hair saloon and a place for manicure, go visit this interesting place and check it out especially if you are a coffee lover.
Smelling good beans is part of the game and here is some Ethopia beans, I guess I have to train my nose but I like the crude roasted smell of it. 
The menu on the wall of Caffe Crema Coffee & Tea and the pricing is reasonable.
A group of bloggers gathered at Caffe Crema & Tea attending a Filter Coffee Appreciation session.
Alvin sharing his knowledge of brewing a coffee by way of pour over.
One of the coffee beans we sampled. 
Mahlkoenig grinder at work on the beans for a consistent coarseness
Rinse the filter paper first, place the ground coffee into the filtered vessel , slow circular pouring of hot water of the right temperature onto the coffee, carefully checking the right amount of water poured and at a right timing. All being monitored by a small weighing device (Acaia Lunar).
The right ratio of water to coffee is essential and the water has to be clean. Personally I find that the standard ratio is rather mild, something "kaw kaw" would be better or maybe my tasting sensation has been spoilt by our local kopitiams.
Some of us get to try our hands on these apparatus and it looked like fun brewing a real coffee. The best part of it would be the tasting of the coffee of the various origins.
This is another method of brewing coffee using Aero Press, fast and effective and it is suitable for traveller.
Caffe Crema & Tea
E-01-02, Block E
Plaza Mont Kiara
2 Jalan Kiara
50480 Kuala Lumpur
tel : 03-6206 2237
GPS : 3.165593, 101.651198

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