Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Jalan Sikimat's Fish Head Noodle & Fish Balls

Back in 2007 Restoran Liong Kee has been awarded for Gold Medal for their fish head beehoon by Nanyang Siang Pau. Out of curiosity I went hunting for this place in Seremban. I was shocked to see that the shop was quiet and I thought maybe Liong Kee caters mainly for the evening crowd but I really don't know.
Anyway I ordered a bowl of fish head beehoon with some home made fish balls. The fish balls were delicious something like the Hock Chiew type of texture but without any minced meat in it and it's smaller. I like it very much.
The noodle is garnished with Chinese lettuce and instead of ham choy like a normal fish head noodle. (personally I do not like ham choy any veggie that is preserved is a no no).
The condition of the shop is not impressive at all but the noodle is good maybe I will go back there again for other Liong Kee's dishes. By the way it is located at the outskirt of Seremban near a Teacher Training College.
They sell vegetarian economy rice for during the lunch.

Restoran Liong Kee
300 Taman Megaway
Jalan Sikimat
GPS : 2.739980, 101.959615

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