Friday, September 11, 2015

Gotong Royong at Sungai Chiling by My Bicycle Shop

A Sunday where approximately 70 cyclists would gathered for a good cause that was, to clean up the surrounding of Sg Chiling. I drove from home and reached this favourite shop for a plate of Wan Ton Mee at Kuala Kubu Bharu popularly known as KKB.
The weather was at its most excellent condition as the cyclists slowly creeping into the town. These kids seems to be very excited about this ride, they were such a lovely bunch.
And here they are .... ready to rock and roll with helmets properly wore and their bikes in tip top condition.
I enjoyed the historical feel at this town with rows of colonial shophouses. I have stayed in one of them lately during a cycling project. Though it is a sleepy town like most people said but the tranquility of this town is such a unique place to visit.
SC Chin managed to secure free buns from Gardenia and well done Cik Gu! Garbage bags were sponsored by Kiki, bananas by Andrew Lim and gloves by an anonymous thank you thank you.
Jalan Dato Muda Jaafar was suddenly crowded with a group of aliens with helmets that morning which some drivers weren't too happy about the congestion. We did our best to control the traffic as not to agitate anyone passing by.
Johnny Ng, the man behind this event and this was not the first time he has organised such an event for Sg Chiling. Bravo Johnny and keep it up!
I was also as eager as the rest to start the ride and enjoy the short journey to Sungai Chiling.
ready get set GO!
Off we went towards the direction to Fraser's Hill.
The number of cyclists was so encouraging and all for the sake of keeping a clean environment, hip hip hooray!
I always like cycling at this stretch of the road with mature trees that are shady and cooling. The sight of tropical jungle on the way up was so pleasant and soothing.
A stop over at Sungai Selangor Dam is a spot where many like take a view of this dam, some picnic and take photos of the beautiful atmosphere.
The minute you see this small steel bridge over Sungai Chiling it tells you that you are about to reach the fish sanctuary of Sungai Chiling and the waterfall.
Some of us went into the campsite and started picking trash around the area. Generally this place is clean but the were rubbish hidden in the undergrowth and that was the target.

The bulk of the rubbish was found along the route 55 the way to the Gap / Fraser's Hill.
Most of the rubbish was covered, we had to search deeper into the undergrowth.
On the track road into the waterfalls.
A big garbage dump was placed by the local council which was pre-arranged by the organisers.
Thanks to David Chin for hosting us at this new hideout of his and the lovely foods arranged by him.
The two great men of the day!!!
Delicious local foods especially arranged by David Chin, thank you bro!
A new place in town that you ought to check it out soon especially all the cycling enthusiasts.
So people let's not litter and make the environment a clean place for us to live. Cheers!!!

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