Friday, September 25, 2015

Oinkz Burger at Section 17 Petaling Jaya

We were attracted by a few of our cycling friends who visited this joint recently and we simply could not resist ourselves after looking at the pictures posted at Facebook and die die we wanted to try.
So we headed from home to Section 17/38 at Petaling Jaya to search for this place, it was already late, past 9pm the place was dimly lit and I thought it has already closed and had to look for alternate place to eat.
Thank goodness it was still opened but the buns were all gone so we have to eat without the bun. This was mine pork burger "Hambo" single layer of pork patty with bacon, egg, cheese, caramelised onions and fried mushroom for RM12.00
Zu Yi had one similar like mine but with 2 layers of patty and bacon and it is called "The Godfather". My son had a wonderful time with Godfather and vouched to come back to see Godfather again. By the way it is priced at RM17.00.
Mummy had "The Transporkters" and she wasn't too happy with it after trying ours. It is a breaded pork patty deep fried and served with caramilised onions and cheese for RM12.00.
Roti Babi a side order to share and a bread to replace the missing buns. Oinkz Roti Babi was good but I still prefer my burger and it is priced at RM8.00 
A bowl of golden fries what went well with our sinful burgers.
Oinkz balls were too dried but my son enjoyed it, the topping is horseradish cheese sauce for RM8.00
Zu Yi sinking his teeth into the juicy homemade burger with his hands gloved and a happy father watching the son satisfying himself with the food.
The condition of the burger after several bites on Godfather, the patty is delicious, fresh, tender and juicy.
Oinkz opens from 6pm to 10pm, during the day it a typical kopitiam, on the same row as 7-11 store and sited at a corner shop lot. On the overall the burgers are yummy and worth coming back for more. Thumb up!
Jalan 17/38, Section 17
Petaling Jaya
Tel: 019-612 8060
Opens Wednesdays to Sundays (6pm to 10.30pm)
GPS : 3.128320, 101.634086

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