Thursday, September 10, 2015

Like To Eat Seafood Restaurant 好想吃海鲜楼 USJ

As a routine we were invited to join a family dinner during the weekends and this time it was at USJ 1, I love the creation of google map and wase which we used both of them at the same time just to test out which one is better. They are truly amazing  apps, we managed to get to USJ 1 with any difficulty. By the way there is another Like to Eat Restaurant and it is at Puchong.
Fried chicken cooked in "kam heong" flavour for the start of the dinner.
I like this creamy hot plate spicy squids and prawns, the gravy went very well with my rice, it's so appetising I just could finish my rice with this dish alone.
Steamed fish with preserved veggie shred, soft white tofu, tomatoes, mushroom, etc etc which was sourish but an exciting & yummy taste indeed.
German Knuckle well deep fried with crispy skin and soft meat inside. The reddish gravy is different from others and it tasted well with the meat.
A starchy soup with chopped prawns, tofu and mushroom that was delicious which deserves a thumb up too.
An omelet to boast up the number on the dining table ...egg dish is always a favourite choice that is palatable to most of us.
It has been habit that we simply love to sample Wa Tan Hor (Cantonese Noodle) where ever we find new places, this one was just so so ...
A surprise early birthday celebration for Tjian at his home, thanks for the dinner Doc.
Like to Eat Seafood Restaurant
16&18, USJ1/1B,
Regalia Business Centre,
USJ 1,
Subang Jaya,
Tel : +60 12-253 9860 
GPS : 3.055652, 101.6053

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