Monday, September 07, 2015

Nasi Lemak Balai Polis Seremban

I am back for a nasi lemak in Seremban, a good food choice in the morning if you ever when happened to be at this neighbourhood.
The rice grains are loose and fluffy and the sambal is not spicy but delicious, man I like this nasi lemak. I find that the portion is rather small I had myself another portion but this time with cockles (sambal kerang).
The business was as good as ever, patrons coming by to pack and take away, even though it is slightly costly but it is really good and yummy.
This is the pricing of Nasi Lemak Senyum Senyum Selalu for the time moment and enjoy the nasi lemak and stay smiling.
It is located in front of the Seremban Police Headquarter at Jalan Hj Abdul Hamid.
The other landmark is this pub where Senyum Senyum Selalu is found at the front of this premises. Go hunt it down, have a good meal and keeping on smiling.
Nasi Lemak Senyum Senyum Selalu
Jalan Haji Abdul Hamid
GPS : 2.729696, 101.940547

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Jeffry Ahmad said...

Nasi lemak kedekut semua ada cas lebih termaksudla sambal, akk yg jual nasi lemak ni nak g haji blk hari