Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Fish Noodle at Kuo Man Resturant 国民茶室 at Kota Kinabalu

Six of us woke early and wanted to ride around KK hunting for interesting food, I suggested we cycle to look for Restoran Kuo Man for some fish noodle. After a couple of kilometres and traffic adventures in the city we found Kuo Man. The original shop was packed fortunately two doors away is an extension of Kuo Man.
We parked our bicycles in front of the shop while we enjoy the breakfast with ease.
A fresh fish fillet with clear soup, simple yet delicious.
And a dry version Kon Loh Koay Teow.
Jason was attracted by the sight of  a plate of fried fish eggs and so he ordered one.  It was delicious and rich.
Braised Hakka Tofu stuffed with fish paste is commonly seen in eatery shops in Sabah.
The chilli sauce that is a must with these nice food around.
Another popular shop that we managed to visit in this cycling trip.
The damage.
On our way back to the hostel we visited the wet market for some purchases. A plan to cook was laid out. The fishes are fresh and pricing is reasonable.
While our Chef was inside the market we were guarding our bikes and sharing with the locals about folding bicycles.
Jason and his purchases.

Restoran Kuo Man
Lot 5, 1 ½ Mile, Jalan Tuaran,
Sunny Garden, Kota Kinabalu,
Sabah. 5 Jalan Tuaran, Likas,
88450 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
Tel: 088-221189
GPS : 5.968125, 116.083520

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