Monday, December 21, 2015

JKSB Ride 2015 - Second Penang Bridge Ride II Here I Come Again

I am back. This is the second time that such an event has been created for cyclists to experience riding on this bridge known as Jambatan Sultan Abdul Halim Muadzam Shah for a good charitable cause. The registration fee was RM95.00 where we get a chance to cycle and enjoy the beautiful scenery at the bridge.
We arrived at Batu Kawan Stadium about 6.30am, parked my sister's car at the car park. I realised the crowd was not as good as the first ride.
There were only two stalls opened for business at the time we were looking for food, I enjoyed the nasi lemak bungkus and it was my energy pack for the morning. I had the opportunity to meet a couple of friends at the stalls but like I said not as many as the previous event.
From the stadium we rode about 5km to the starting point which was at the toll plaza of the bridge.
The flag off time was near 8.00am and off we went a sea of red and white streaming through the deserted bridge for the next three hours.
There were all kind of riders young and old, from road bikes to folding bikes some were too eager to ride and they do it dangerously in such a crowded situation.
There were bounds to have falling riders and I saw a few accidents but nothing serious.
Many stopped near or at the cable stayed bridge section for photo session. The weather continued to be in a superb condition, thank God for that.
The route was similar to last year it does not reach the island, a U turn at after the cable stayed bridge. The home ride direction is facing the sun.
Of course we took our time with a few photo shooting and selfies. We met more friends as we slowly moved back. I guess Jo must have enjoyed her first ride here and this was her first ever cycling medal collected.
The sun started to scorch as we pedaled back to the stadium.
Back to the stadium where we collected the medal, sausage buns and a bottle of mineral water. Some lucky ones went back home with nice bicycles during the lucky draws. I hope the organisers will buckle up if they intend to continue to organise this event again as too much have been said about their poor handling on both the two events. All the best and I hope there will be another ride on this bridge again especially it would be interesting for those who have not try it before.
It's time to go back to Kuala Lumpur but this time we went back with Aeroline coach.

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