Friday, December 18, 2015

One Day in Pulau Sapi Not too Far From the Coast of Kota Kinabalu

After our morning adventure to Kuo Man Restaurant at Sunny Garden and visiting the wet market at the waterfront we headed back to the hostel. Baki had a plan to bring us to the islands not too far from downtown Kota Kinabalu.
We took a slow stroll to Jesselton Point, ferry terminal where you could go as far as Labuan, Brunei and the many islands off the coast of KK waterfront.
There are several companies providing ferry services, we decided not to do any island hopping but just to visit only one island and that was Pulau Sapi.
The boat fee included life jacket and snorkeling gears. Here we were boarding into a boat to Pulau Sapi.
Though the weather was hot but with the boat travelling so fast we were enjoying the strong wind tearing our faces. By the way the boat has to be well balanced with right positioning of us by the boatman before he hits the throttle.
Pulau Sapi is one of the five islands that made up Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park with the others namely Gaya, Manukan, Sulug and Mamutik.
The ride took about 20 minutes and I was amazed by the clearness of the water for a spot so near the coast of Kota Kinabalu where you need not have to travel far to witness a crystal cleat sea water and enjoy water activities. The place is surely popular and crowded.
One for the album at Pulau Sapi, Sabah.
The spot we chose to laze and enjoy the afternoon at the beach side of Pulau Sapi.
It has a clean and beautiful beach and due to its closeness to KK it is always crowded, I reckon it will be fun if we were to visit this island during non peak season.
Our Chef Jason cooking seafood spaghetti for us. He can really cook and we were absolutely impressed by him.
Our wonderful and delicious dinner at the hostel. The wine went very well with the seafood.
Crabs cooked by Baki another great food on the table. We love it and it was definitely a better meal than Welcome Restaurant. What a lovely home cook food which we enjoyed it so much.

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Had nice fun. Great place