Saturday, December 26, 2015

Freak Accident As I was Going Back Home One Day

One for my personal record. It was 30 January 2015, the time was around 6 something in the evening as I was going home from Senawang suddenly I could only see whiteness it came so fast and I could feel the car being halted. I was totally out of control of my car. A huge branch had felled onto it and it went through the wind screen.
The fell could have been worst if it were to fall on top of my head. Anyway that's my fate either it's lucky or unlucky but I am still alive. The air bag activated, the door at the driver side could not be opened and the wind screen was badly shattered.
I managed to get out from the car and rested at the road side by then there were many people at the scene. Many offered to help just like typical Malaysians. I wish to thank my neighbour Dato Sharuddin who actually witnessed the entire accident as he was following behind me. The only thing I disliked here was the harassment from a guy on tow service. In fact I had an issue of payment after I was discharged from the hospital.
I was then taken to a hospital by a Government ambulance, initially the ambulance wanted to bring me to General Hospital but it ended up at Geangle Hospital because of the massive traffic jam at Jalan Jelatek. I remembered Jo followed me in the ambulance and it was my first experience in an ambulance with the sound of siren blasting all the way to Gleangle.
And my first time admitting into a hospital in my 57 years. You have to leave your fate to the hospital, the clearing of broken glasses from my face and body and the immediate stitches at the corner of my eye. The hospital staff keep on telling me not to worry. After a scan, the MRI showed that I had a broken nose on the upper part.
I spent the next five days recuperating in the hospital with a broken nose fixed. I was in the operation room for an hour and so happened the anaesthetist was Dr. Teoh staying in the same neighbourhood too. Thanks Doc for comforting me.     
2015 wasn't a good year for me, after a few weeks after discharged I was admitted again to the same place for dengue, there goes my 2015 Chinese New Year celebration.

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winson gan said...

Thank God for keeping you safe after all !
Happy cycling 2016 for you and may 2016 CNY a better one ahead !

God bless.