Sunday, April 03, 2016

A Tour of Inner Balik Pulau, Penang by Bicycles

The date was 27 March 2016, a Sunday, my buddy Joe fetched me from Farlim to Balik Pulau for a countryside ride. Our local friend Francis Chin took the lead, we happily followed him and enjoy the beautiful scenery of this countryside of Penang. 
Going through many lanes and intersections with different and interesting scenery. The air was fresh and refreshing.
We rode on all kind of roads such as a gravel road like this which slowly lead us to the coastline.
There are many canals, many cultivation such as paddy fields, vegetable planting and many animals seen along the way.
The view was magnificent and serene as we leisurely rode on this wonderful morning. The weather was kind and nice.
The path along a canal with fishing boats parked on the upper stream.
Walking to the end of the path for a better view of the sea.
At the tip of the road, Malindo Beach.
There are stalls for food and drinks next to the boat parking area, a good place to rest and savour the calmness of this fishing village.
A mangrove forest arboretum is found nearby where we went in for a feel of the atmosphere.
The tide was really low & dry. We walked on the timber boardwalk constructed for an easy access and observation of the mangrove.
It was time to explore Pulau Betong, we covered a section of CFAL route, we could see some cyclists practicing in groups.
A stop at this house cum a food stall for a bowl of delicious Hokkien Mee (prawn noodle) and Dr. Ang was happy with his yummy laksa. The GPS location here : 5.303531, 100.195328
My bowl of prawn noodle was found to be surprisingly delicious. We were told to come back during the durian season where the durian is good and cheap. So watch for the coming durian season.
A climb to this spot for a better view of Malacca Strait.
 As we returned to the town of Balik Pulau, we went hunting for the eyecatching murals such as the Hakka Dancing Girl and the Malay Martial Art - Silat.
 Another two big murals (the Fisherman & Silversmith) we visited before we call it a day.

The loop we took for the morning.
A clip of the tour.

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