Friday, April 22, 2016

Day 3 South Thailand Tour 2016 Ranot - Thale Noi

Our next destination was Thale Noi where we would be witnessing the celebration of Songkran in this small town and visiting the popular waterbird sanctuary. This was be my second time visiting this amazing natural reserve.
After a nice view of the sun rise at the beach, we were ready to hit the road for the day.
The weather in the morning was fine and pleasant to cycle as we headed out into the town to seek a place for breakfast.
It was quite easy to find a place to eat, we found this place on the same route to our next destination. I had a bowl of delicious porridge, some had noodle soup and a bit of Dim Sum.
A group picture in front of the shop with the help of the shop owner. The chicken that Kiat was holding was a mock chicken.
Bye bye Ranot and see you again.
As we approached the elevated road you could see the local dried fish industry at the road side, there are quite a number of stalls that you could purchase the produce if you want to.
A dedicated bicycle lane on the elevated road over the huge lake of Thale Noi
We started the tour with 5 of us from Hatyai and two more friends joined in the tour they were waiting for us at this wooden house on the dried lake. Now we have 7 in the tour, let the journey continues.....
Our lunch was back to this familiar shop where I remember for its delicious chicken rice which I took it again. Aroi mak mak.
Joe had a lot of fun with the Songkran celebration he really got himself coloured up and wet.
It's the Thai new year celebration and it's time for water fight.

Restaurant Samkak is a popular restaurant it was crowded as expected we were fortunate to get a table for ourselves. The food was good and the pricing was reasonable. I noted that there is an air conditioning corner now which (I think) wasn't there 2 years back when we were here. The location of Samkak is GPS: 07.76812, 100.12182.
After our dinner we headed back to the town, there were lot of people at the night market, lots of street food and loud concert performance. It was indeed a joyous evening for the folks in Thale Noi.
We travelled for a distance of 38km for the day, an easy ride relatively flat without much difficulty at all.

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