Thursday, April 07, 2016

Uncle Arumugam's Naan & Tandoori Chicken Opposite Ampang Point

Welcome to a stall that serves wonderful naans & tandoori chicken found not in any fancy restaurant but in a mere warong situated at Ampang. Opposite the warong is Ampang Point as the major landmark for you to locate this eating wonder.
The naan is soft and lovely to eat, the edges of the naan is crispy and exciting. I took a plain naan while Jo took a garlic naan and my sons had garlic with cheese naans. All were happy with the taste of these dough.
The tandoori chicken has a lot to shout about it's juicy, tender, well grilled and well flavoured. The chance of eating a hard burnt tandoori chicken is absolutely not found here. 
We ordered these side orders comprising of spinach, mixed vegetable and prawn masala. Jo fell for the masala.
Surprisingly the serving was fast despite it was crowded and there were some at the queue for take away.
Cups of grated cheese for those who want their naans with cheese.
Two were behind the ovens, two were busy taking care of the queue while others were busy taking orders and of course the customers were busy enjoying their lovely tandoori moment.
There were 4 ovens at work two were made of oil drums and all were busy firing for the night.
There are two satay stalls seen here and I do not know which one is good. My sons an not avoid but ordered some satay for themselves. We were here mainly for the naans & tandoori and I obviously like it
The current pricing of Arumugam's Naan & Tandoori.
Arumugam Naan & Tandoori Stall
Opposite Ampang Point
Jalan Ampang
H/P : 012-354 5624
GPS : 3.157088, 101.750195

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