Thursday, April 13, 2017

Jeju Island - Day 1 & 2 on our Bromptons

It's time for a holiday and our destination is South Korea again but this time it was a venture to cycle around Jeju Island and a bit of Busan unfinished work. I was glad that my son Zuyi followed us and I was not sure sure whether you could cope up with the daily continuous cycling for 10 days. I just hope for the best.
Jom& Zuyi arrived at KLIA just before midnight to catch an early Airsia to Busan and the date was 23 march 2017.
Day 1
AirAsia took off at about 1.30am and the flying time from KL to Busan is about 6 and the half hours, a transit at Busan International Airport before boarding a domestic flight Korean Air to Jeju Island. Finally we landed at Jeju International Airport at about 3.30pm. The time difference from our Malaysian time is 1 hour ahead.
We were ready to get out into the cold weather after setting up our bicycles at a secluded corner in the airport. This time we have 7 cyclists that were Fenn, Sooi Ying, Lynn, Jo, Zuyi, Jotaro and myself on this trip.
The temperature in Jeju Island was around 13°C, our first destination in the island was to locate our accomodation that is, Mir Guesthouse (estimated about 6km away) and it's near the popular Dragon Head's Rock.
This pau shop with its steam shooting out of the shop was so enticing which I came back later to savour it and it was good.
Lynn has already booked the place online before hand, it is a compact, new and interesting hostel.
A little adventure of the evening, we went out to locate the Pork Street of Jeju and lay our hands on the black pork.
We picked this shop called Hwaro Hyang where we parked our 7 Bromptons right in front of the shop front.
Well, the dinner was nothing to shout about if we compare to others where we have tried during our last visit to South Korean. Probably it is the commercialisation of the street and its black pork. Like our hostel provider told me it is the same everywhere in Jeju.
On the way back to Mir Guesthouse we took our time seeing the surroundings. The last visit was Yongduam, the Dragon Head Rock. There we found the first Cycling Stamping Booth for our round island adventure, there will be a total of ten of them and I hope we will be able to find them all.
                                   Day 2
While we were in our respective white cells our folded Bromptons were in the air well of Mir.
Breakfast is provided, let's freshen up and get ourselves ready to roll....
A view of our white cell with a double decker bed good for three person with an attached bathroom.
Bye Bye Mir ... some of our stuffs were kept in the store here like our Dimpa bags etc etc... and we will be back for our last night in Jeju Island after we island rounding.
First excitement of the day when we saw this field yellow rapeseed field.
Then came our first Sakura at DoduBong, actually it wasn't time for cherry blossom in Jeju maybe in a week too early for us. Anyway we were just fortunate to see this one.
One for the record.
A typical coastal view of Jeju Island which is about the same everywhere in the island, it is a volcanic island with blackish rock at the seaside.
One of the typical places we will stop to ease ourselves.
Dedicated cycling lane protected from the moving traffic with rounded balustrades.
At a scenic attraction with two trojans cum light houses at Iho-Tewoo Beach.
Darak Shelter (GPS: 33.468, 126.33936) it is located about 21km away from the first booth at Yongduam at Jeju City.
A lovely and delicious lunch we had at a cool and interesting place called Romance Hong. It was windy with sight drizzle and it was timely to have our lunch and rest before we proceed any further.
Though the place is small but it is conducise and the sea view was excellent. The place we chilled at Romance Hong is a spiral staircase up to the first floor.
Romance Hong can be found at this location GPS: GPS: 33.46711, 126.33694 just on our cycling route itself.
There are many light houses, ships, boats and wave breakers in the island and these are such a common sight.
We spotted an interesting detour, the Gwakji gwa-mul beach trail.
At the seaside with dark volcanic rocks piling along the way.
Sorry it is not that way, it is the other way as they were having fun posing for a picture from far with a beautiful oceanic view behind.
Jeju Island has many public baths like this one, the male and female baths are separated.
There are many statues of Haenyeo female divers on the island, it is the prime characteristic of Jeju Island and such culture is continuously preserve and ensure that this trade will stay as long as possible.
Scattered small communities along the journey are not too far apart especially when one is looking for refreshment or needs a toilet break.
 Our first encounter with the famous haenyeo diver as we met them at one of their diving sites. We stopped by and observed their activities. My salute to these old ladies they are such an amazing people.

And pedal by pedal we moved on hoping to see new things that can break the monotonous of the ride.
Colour and mural were encountered as we continued going our anti-clockwise journey.
The sun was setting and getting gloomy it was time to look for a place to stay for the night. After a short enquiry and checking we found one that was not too off from our cycling route and nearby the place we could see is a row of gigantic windmill turbines.
Our dinner at the Hotel we were staying at Mega Resort, Hangyeong-myeon. The staff speak Mandarin they are from Mainland China and it was a relief that we could communicate with ease. The temperture outside the building is very cold and windy we opted to eat within the hotel. A nice steamboat dinner was served.
Our 1st stage which we covered a distance of 49km, it was a good start for the team as we have two freshies for the first time in a long hail ride and as far as target was concerned the distance achieved was close and good. Til then we see you tomorrow.
A video clip of our day 1 & Day 2

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