Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Jeju Island Day 5 on Bromptons

Good morning the temperature was 9ºC at Pyoseon we left the villa and passing by the restaurant we patronised the night before.
At the stamping booth of Pyeoson Beach after our first 6km of cycling.
Drying of squids just like the flying flags as we rode by.
Along Hwanhaejangseong-ro with a superb weather.
Rock stacking is widely seen in the island from short to tall stack.
All kind of seaweed commonly seen on the lane as they laid to be dried.
We started to see vast yellow field again after nearly 30km of cycling and as usual a lot of photographing at the spot. The peak behind it is the famous Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak, a crater that looks like a gigantic crown and beautiful in a morning sunrise.
Seongsan Ichulbong seems to be another touristic spot with many seem visiting the yellow canola fields for photography, horse riding and a nice long edge ride by the water. 
The booth of the day at Seongsan Ichulbong.
Taking a challenge entering this so called traditional seafood restaurant and a different experience for raw fish, the Korean way. This shop is found at this location GPS : 33.470022, 126.930230
I love raw fish and this Korean delicacy is gorgeous.
Seongsan Ferry Terminal where we bought our tickets to Udo Island at 2,000won per person with bicycle separately charged at 1,000won.
We need to fill in these Declaration Forms and show our passports.
It was a 15 minutes crossing and packed with weekend visitors. The ferry departs at every 30 minutes from Seongsan Port.
Welcome to Udo Island, a miniature island of Jeju. The island is full of amenities and tourism outlets like fishing, bike trails, sand massages, submarine tours and cruises.
A stop in the island for a light refreshment.
We took a short ride around the island as we were running out of time hence to plan to go around the entire island was not able to be fulfilled.
Goodbye Udo Island and it was a brief touch down and a memorable one.
I would rate this as the best BBQ pork I had in this trip in Sehwa in a small town (GPS : 33.527114, 126.855153) . The name of the eatery shop is Halla Pork Restaurant and per pax was15,000 won.
Per accommodation was 60,000won, Manjo Hotel Sehwa It was recommended by the helpful lady at Halla Pork Restaurant after a desperate search. It was a nice and colourful stay located GPS : 33.523655, 126.866467 (Myeonsu-gil).
A video clip of Day 5 

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