Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Busan 2017 - Day 9 Cherry Blossom on Brompton

Good morning Busan, our mission for the day was to hunt for cherry blossom and headed towards west of Busan using the bicycle path along the coastline near the port.
A stop at Jagalchi Market to see the live & fresh seawater creatures sold in the market.
Some of us stopped at Paris Baguette for breakfast.
And some opted for local noodles at the shop next door.
Then the hunt began with some climbs here and there along the way.
We went through a tunnel with heavy traffic but fortunately there is a separate path for pedestrian and bicycles.
Before reaching towards the river estuary we have to pass through crowded commercial areas like Hadan-Dong and several train stations were noted. Our plan to use the train on our return to Busan after Nakdonggang River visit.
Nakdonggang Estuary, the start/finish point with a stamping booth of the 4 River Bicycle Path @ GPS : 35.108484, 128.947890. Fanally we found our destination and were glad to see abundant cherry blossom.
We stopped at here for a while here to enjoy the beautiful scenery and engaged ourselves with some photography.
The Malaysian Brompton made it to the 4 river bicycle path again and this time around to Nakdonggang at Busan.
We boarded a train from Hadan Station for Jagalchi Market as the ladies wanted to do some shopping.
I managed to trace back the alley for Ajima's bingsu (ais kacang)  from my previous marking, it is located at one oe of the narrow streets of Arirang Street Market at Gukje Market.
Instead shaved ice Bingsu most of us opted for red bean dessert nevertheless a bingsu was being challenged despite the cold day.
I noted there were several of these women delivering food on their heads in the crowded streets. Wonder what these Korean women are called, it looks like a kind of traditional food catering service.
Dinner was back to a BBQ shop called Donenu 烤肉 in Chinatown which we had it before during our previous tour. The pricing is reasonable but portions are small, there is a salad bar is with unlimited helping, I enjoy the fresh green veggies. 
A video clip of the Day.

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