Saturday, April 15, 2017

Jeju Island Day 3 on our Bromptons

From the window of our room we could see the sea and the row of windmill turbines, It was windy and cold outside. We left Mega Resort at about 8.00am.
Our breakfast at GS 25, we met the same girl at the counter who gave us the tip as to where we could look for our accommodation. We communicated with her in Mandarin, guess she is another person from mainland China working in South Korea.
On the bicycle lane and its indicates 33.2km to the next stamping booth.
A tiny village at the neighbourhood where we took a quick tour at the place and a few photos.
A photo with the row of Shingaemul windmill turbines.
Another public baths as we got closer to the windmills at Shingaemul.
One more with the iconic mills.
The weather remained cold but lovely to cycle with the beautiful scenery along the way.
I like the setting of this area where there is a lovely down hill roll with vast green field (probably they are paddy field) and I found out that it wass at the initial route at Noeulhaean-ro. See the video attached.
We were out of paddy field area and the running crowd of the marathon event. We were now into another dimension of Jeju.
A pit stop and quick rest before we continue ......
It's back to the same old scenery ocean, rock and black rock along cycling lane as we followed diligently the blue line.
By accident we came to this wet market, it is a big market selling all kind of stuffs and food. We just could not resist the local food and decided to stay put for our lunch. We tried the spicy rice cake (Tteokbokki), sweet pan cake (Hotteok) served in a paper cupEomuk Guk fish cake on skewers, skewered meat (maekjeok) etc etc.
Sinyeong-ro Market GPS : 33.220197, 126.248166
The ride was still on flat land unfortunately the ride ahead was expected to be hilly. 
Approaching the vicinity of Mt. Songaksan and the stamping booth is just located next to 7-11 outlet. The place is crowded with tourists.
Songaksan,Stamping Booth GPS: 33.206649, 126.289606  Mt. Songaksan is just nearby and can be seen from here.
Another Haenyeo statue.
The climb is coming and at the front is Mt. Songak-san.
Sanbanggulsa Temple as viewed  from the cycling route.
Opposite the temple is this place where we rested and regrouped before we move on into the climbing stretch.
Stopped at this Hallabong Mandarin orange farm for photo and a taste of the fruit. Its apparently famous in Jeju and a favourite fruit during winter, it is more expensive than the ordinary mandarin. Located at along Sanbang-ro GPS:33.242135, 126.324198 
We were trying our luck to take a shortcut to avoid severe climb at the coastal edge but the Police gave us a big "No No". The Police Station at Hwasunimjung-ro GPS : 33.238565, 126.336538. The policemen were helpful they even offered us hot coffee to drink.
Museum of Sex & Health along Iljuseo-ro GPS : 33.255414, 126.344862
After a bit of the main road at Iljuseo-ro we were directed back into the quiet interior with steep climb and downhill. It was away from traffic but not the steepness of the route.
It's back to civilisation with nice buildings and road. 
We passed by a huge project by our Malaysian developer Berjaya at Yerae. We noted that this street will be covered with cherry blossom if we were there in a week time as the buds and trees were showing sign of blooming.
Again darkness has started to creep in and we were still in a position looking for a place to put up the night. Finally we got ourselves in 2 places which was close to one another. Dinner was at one of the hotel we were staying and the food has been always good and yummy. With a few glasses of beer it was a good evening to rest and recharged for the next day.
Finishing our 2nd stage of ride with a distance of 56km and arriving at a place called Jungmun, southern part of the island.
A video clip of Day 3

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