Thursday, August 16, 2007

Tunku Abdul Malik School, Kulim 1970

Primary School Standard 6A.

Class photo with form teacher Mr. Cheah Eng Khoon. Can not remember all the classmates' names; still in my "CPU" are Sharif, Omar, Noor, Tan Kim Eng, Anuar Othman,Nasir, Rohizan,Ravi Mohan (from India), Yeoh Hung Meng, Anuar Shamsudin, Zul, Abdul Rahman Wahab, Kamal, Shamugum, Subhas C Malakar, Sundar,, Ram Naidu,Bokhari, Ramasamy, Hamzah, Batmanathan, Sukunaselan, Wong, V Sekaran, Sobri, Dr. Abdul Aziz, Tan Eng Kia.

What a class, a real muhibbah, no problem of race, religion. We can mix very well. I remember hanging out in Police Quarters in Padang Serai playing with the anak anak polis, Abdul Rahman's mother used to ask me why I am without my shirt going places with my bicycle. My malay classmates called me bogel. Come hari raya, ada kueh mueh to eat. Unfortunately, none of the above is in contact. Hope with this blog, somehow, somewhere like people say God's willing, we will meet each other again, it's been a long long time.


Tamijudin said...

hi Sin Tai Lim,

I am not sure if you could remember me.I too am from Tunku Abdul Malik School. Standard six,1970. I was in Mr H.M Malakar's class. I still keep in touch with him. Again, I am not sure if you know one Kuppusamy from Ayer Merah. He was one of my class mates from standard six all the way to form five at Badlishah.

Sin Tai Lim said...

Hi Tamijudin,
I am excited that a old boy has responded here in my blog. Please email me at to share our lost time. regards. sin tai lim

hamzahwahidudin said...

Hi Sim Tai Lim,
I am very happy because you can still remember my name. I am Hamzah Wahidudin. I am a
Science Teacher at SMK Taman Hitech Kulim. I live behind Sekolah Kebangsaan Tunku Abdul Malik known as Kg. Syed Sheh. I have 3 sons and 2 daughters and all of them studied at STAM and then SMK Sultan Badlishah. They seem to follow my footsteps. Sangat rindu mau jumpa you. Tolong contact 0195790901. Member saya yang lama pun boleh contact saya. Nanti kita sembang panjang-panjang. Bye. From Hamzah Wahidudin, Kulim, Kedah

Sin Tai Lim said...

Hamzah Wahidudin - I am as excited as you, you have at last responded and I am very happy. In fact today, Azmi Sarriff replied my email, meaning to say it's Double happiness. Will call you later. Pls forward your email address. TQ