Friday, August 17, 2007

Carcosa Seri Negara 2006

My lovely Hockchew wife Jocelyn, such a loving and understanding person. Met her when she was in Former Six in PJ. Courted for a long long while before we got married at Brickfield Temple on 22 April 1990.
She is not only a good wife but a good mother cum teacher and friend to her kids. Heong, hope we will have many more years of togetherness, minta ma'af for whatever wrongs I have committed and will always love you.

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Anonymous said...

EeeEee...uncle, dinno that u can be so 'yuk ma'!! My hair are all standing up dy...STIFF somemore!! But well..i'm really happy that both of u are still so suddenly came to my mind that i used to be a real bright bulb that always stand between both of u when i was young (and when both of u are still merely couple)..AND GOSH...u now have three kids and me graduating this year...sigh..OLD liao lor.. i mean me...hehe..and of coz the both of u as well...Lastly, wishing the both of u and ur family happy ever after..
Lots of love,
cutie Hwee wen