Monday, August 20, 2007

Housemates of '77 - Taman Genting Setapak, KL

Moon Cake All Batang Party Time. We had our own entertainment even though we were away from our homes. Yeok Tooh did the banner on the wall, we prepared fruit punch cocktail using the same pail we used for our laundry and some simple food. That was an awesome moment.   
Standing next to me was Jack Lim, Tick Choong, Heng Kheng, Yeok Tooh, Kluang boy, "Messi" @ Jeff Yap sitting), Teow Choon, Soo Keat and Low Meng Kong at a rented premise (first floor shop house) belonging to Dr. Ganeson. Those chairs were from Dr. Ganeson's house, what a good way to recycle his old furniture. I remember how we wash our own clothings, soaked in a pail with pinches of soap powder and leave it for a couple of days (depending how lazy we were to start scrubbing those skinky cloths). The longer you leave it the greater the stench. And the winner is normally either Jack or Yeok Tooh if I remember correctly.