Tuesday, August 14, 2007


My kids with their cousins, spot my three sons if you can?
Somebody birthday bash at a chinese restaurant.

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hwee wen said...

Sob..Sob..HOW COULD U DO THIS TO ME, UNCLE?..u spelt my name wrongly under 'Sister-in-Law & Family @ Lawan Kuda Bharu' blog. Have u forgotten those days when i used to help to light up the path wherever u went with my aunty when u court her (although i might be 'zho teng', hehehe but still??)? I did such a great favour and yet u spelt my named incorrectly!! kacang lupakan kulit ah? haha...just kidding lar BROTHER!! anyway...give u a test here...can u name and spell out all your nephews and nieces names??
Bet u can't...hahah...