Thursday, August 30, 2007

Mederka Fever @ Bali 30 August 2004

On this day, 30/8 in the year 2004, we were in Bali for a short trip comprising of 3 couples and a small kid. Over here, Lee Siew Wah trying out a balinese bar counter, should be ideal for his new house and his collection of boozes.
Jan, Siew Wah & Zu Yi posing @ Dirty Duck Restaurant. Eating with these kakis must go with whiskey (or other equivalent) especially when we are in a holiday mode. A bottle of 15 years pure malt Johnnie Walker in this case.
My family @ Tanah Lot (there another 2 did not come along at home with mum). The tide was low at that time of the day. Guess you come to this type of places once in a life time will do.
These were the roses of the group.
Babi Guling (roasted pig) served with rice & vege in baskets. Very unique dish. Must try. This time the bottle of whiskey was "Black Bush". Rare brand eh.
Cheng & Francis Yeoh, always carrying along with his survival kit, an ice box!!. Cheng have been frequenting this place very often with her Taiping pals. They really love Bali.
Dirty Duck Restaurant's new signage, the front portion of the restaurant was in under going renovation. Note dates on photos are wrong.

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