Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Hakka Noodle @ Pandan Indah

On the first day of 2008 and after a heavy night on the eve of New Year day we decided to look for something soupy for our brunch. After 20 minutes of roaming on the roads around Ampang area, we ended up in Pandan Indah and decided to try the famous Hakka Noodle.The crowd in “Restoran Chong Ko” was overwhelming. There were a lot of people virtually waiting and queuing for seats. We decided not to eat there and try other shops nearby.
While we were having our other kind of noodle a few doors away, we pre-ordered 4 packets of this Hakka Noodles (take away) for home and neighbours.
This Hakka noodle by apperance is not so appealing, just plain noodle with minced meat on it but the taste is fantastic that is what makes the people coming back for more.
A typical bowl of of Hakka Noodle.
The master in action @ the kitchen.
The fish and meat balls at the kitchen.
The uncooked Hakka Noodle is also available for sale.
This shop is along Jalan Pandan Utama and next to Secret Recipes. Steven's Corner is just opposite the road. Go try this place if you have not try before. No regrets.

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