Sunday, September 07, 2008

Lin Yuan Steamboat Kitchen @ Queen's Park

This shop is located at Queen's Park, Peel Road, Cheras and it was a cool Sunday night and perfectly for a steamboat treat.
The Cantonese fried noodle here in Lin Yuan came out to be No. 1 favourite dish among the all dishes we tried. Bali Tong was as lovely too, so was the fried chicken wings.
We opted for a plain soup for the steamboat in lieu of Tomyam or porridge, I think the soup was blended with strong MSG in it, had to drink a lot of 'Cha Wong' Chinese tea. Standard pack for 3 heads @ RM13.90 per head. Note there are 3 prawns, 3 crab sticks, 3 dumplings, all in 3's.... Additional order of fish fillets.
Additional order of fish wantons..
Enjoying fish crackers before the arrival of the foods.

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