Sunday, September 21, 2008

Many Wonders of Bitter Gourd

It is all about bitter gourd and nothing but bitter gourd. Yes, bitter gourd, bitter gourd and bitter gourd. The name of the shop is also called bitter gourd but in Chinese “Fu Kua” or Restoran Fu Kua. It is situated at 19, SS23/15, Taman S.E.A. Petaling Jaya.
There are at least 40 over dishes of bitter gourd found in this place, starting from bitter gourd juice for a drink, follow by soup of bitter gourd and so on and so for..
Bitter gourd soup is the most popular one. We had the opportunity to tried fried glass noodle and Man Yee Mee with bitter gourd. Stir fried bitter gourd with fish fillet and black beans. Pork ribs fried with bitter gourd. Marmite chicken very popular among the boys.. La La with Bitter gourds.

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