Monday, September 29, 2008

Locating Old Friends all the corners in the World

Since I started blogging about a year plus I was hoping to track down some old friends whom we have lost contact since we left school. Believe it or not, I was fortunate enough to track the following buddies:-

1. Sahat Sadikun - My classmate from 1971 - 1973 (Form One to Three in Sultam Badlishah School) . He is working in his home state, Sabah. We managed to share a fair bit of our good old days during our days in Sultan Badlishah School in Kulim.

2. Sukunaselan - My primary school classmate in Tunku Abdul Malik School, Kulim and also in Sultan badlishah School, an ex-naval man. He is now working in Kulim.

3. Tamijudin - He made 2 comments in this blog which I discovered after a couple of months later, I have left my email for him to reach me and in the hope that he will response. He is now residing in Toronto, Canada.

4. Koh Wah Heng, Ronald whom I gathered in the net that he is working in Gleneagles Hospital in Penang as a C.E.O. A big man in this establishment. I have not met this chap since we left Sultan Badlishah School in 1975. I remember him as not a big in size teenage but now in BIG position, I am proud of him for what he has achieved. I hope that we can meet up in the near future.

I hope I can reach out for more friends through this cyber surfing. It is really great to be able to get in touch with old friends and share our lives for the last couple of decades we have gone through. For I have also know of friends falling off one by one, even though at a early stage of live. This year itself, I have lost friends like Larry Cheong (a friend from Royal Selangor Club), Michael Foo (a friend from Singapore), my cousin brother Sim Ah Kow (Bukit Mertajam), Bee Keen (a classmate of mine during the Pre-U days in TAR College), Avin Yeo (a friend from Segamat), and Seow Ngu (a childhood friend from Jalan Lunas, Padang Serai).

My friends, let us treasure our lives every moment of it and not to out stress ourselves too much in this rat race world. Be happy and be glad for what you are and what you have. Till then, we shall live to the fullest.

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