Thursday, September 25, 2008

Mr. Shingarra Singh de Senior Golfer

Shingarra Singh de Senior Golfer
I had the chance to walk 9 holes with this senior golfer, retired Police Officer (DSP) at Kelab Golf Titiwangsa PDRM. He is now 78 & going 79 soon, he can still execute a proper golf swing but of course not like Tiger Wood. His ball sense is equally good so is his eyesight. For your age, Sir I really salute to you for what you are and still able and capable in the field of golf. Way to go man….Hole 8, 2 on one putted for a birdie!!!!
He told me he came up Champion for a Senior golf competition at Bangi sometimes this year.
And a hole in One 16 December 98 in the very golf course in Titiwangsa. Long live Sir. I found this amazing plant, must be some kind of mushroom while walking with Shingarra.

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