Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Bukit Tinggi Village OTS Restaurant

Bukit Tinggi Village has mushroomed into a place for foods and their local produces such as ginger, French beans, passion fruits, dragon fruits etc etc. Business is so brisk that things sold in Kuala Lumpur are found cheaper than those sold in this village yet people still buy. Why, well people already like the feeling of holiday purchase especially of the local stuffs. Must bring back or buy something from Bukit Tinggi Village.
Anyway, we adjourned at Restaurant OTS, one of our favourite eating places. It is a row of shop houses facing the highway at the fringe of the village. Always enjoy the ground nuts from Raub while waiting for our foods. Our usual concoction.The popular noodle with deep fried pork belly and french beans. Beehon with fish paste "Yee What" . Claypot Tilapia . Stir fried Tapioca leave.
Local Yong Tow foo...

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