Saturday, August 01, 2009

Old Photos of Club Med Cherating Trip in 1995

If you have a chance to visit any Club Med outlets in the world it would be the most wonderful thing to do. In Malaysia, we have one and known as Club Med Cherating. This was my 2nd time to Cherating and I always love visiting Club Med and wonder when I will visit this place again. The year was 1995 in the month of May, it was the time when I was working in Mutiara Johan Group as a Project Manager.
Me and Angela Yeo in a dance contest. I love to do the rock ‘N’ roll….let’s rock again, Uncle.

David Chen, Jenny & son. David is my ex-colleague we were working for Folin Engineering during thevmid 80’s and it was during that period we first visited Club Med Cherating. David now runs a Tour Agency who helped to organize this trip.

These are the friends in the telemarketing business, Quantum Showcase..Jimmy Kho, Teow Oei, Nigel Mackenzie, Angela Yeo, Ooi Kian Beng and a contactor friend Aik Seong.

Shou Yi when he was 3+ years old with Jo conceiving Xiang Yi.

Tick Choong & Elaine Chan & kids together with Siti Salmiah & her late husband Aziz.

Lee Sek Joo, Roger Foo and our children in the front row.

Stephanie Lee with Shou & Roger's daugther getting ready to board the coach for home.

That's me and one of my successors to de Throne......

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