Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Secret to Cycle in Hatyai

It was a golf trip, I have secretly loaded my Speed P8 into the coach and no one knew about it. She is going to Hatyai with me.
The first morning I unveiled this cutie that ferried me to a few places in Hatyai.
I enjoyed going places with my folding bike seeing different places of different corners and colour.
For instance this morning I witnessed this blessing by a monk to the kopi tiam operator.
I had a Thai Chicken rice for breakfast and it was fantastic
Yau Char Koay in Hatyai is different from ours, the dough are smaller in size.
On the third day I was ready for the great challenge to cycle to Southern Hills Golf Course about 22km from the hotel for my golf game. This Tuk-tuk driver was fascinated with my folding bike and asking many questions about the bike.
Just a few pedals away on the same street is this famous pork porridge.

I like the porridge though it had a lot of pork spare parts in it. Feeling guilty but because of "tham jiak" and "ho jiak" I just wouldn't resist it. Just too nice to say No.... lol.....
With the help of some printed google maps in hand I could easily find my way. I like the motorist lane all the way to the  Malaysian border and it is safe and friendly.
It was interesting to see how the locals patronise their market, their vehicles, their smiles and how they trade in the market.
The turn off road to the golf course is pretty small and tricky but fortunately there is a sign board that shows the turning.
I made a detour to another golf course and asked a caddy to take this photo.
Tong Thai Banrai Golf Course looks good and I hope I can come here to play in the future.
Banrai School as I moved on.
Ultimately I reached my destination and I was early in fact too early.
I made friend with the caddies and their supervisor, he was amazed by my folding bike and he tried a short spin around the golf course.
Since I was early I rode out off Southern Hills and visited the village nearby for a coffee. The coffee was very sweet and it came with a kettle of warm water for refill.
It was time to play golf and I am back to wait for my fellow members. I did not play well at this golf course probably due to the cycling or it was just a mere excuse.
On the last day before we go back to Kuala Lumpur, I rode again to the market and had a nice fish ball soup koay teow. I really like their broad and thin koay teow.
The lady boss served me a pot of Chinese tea and it's FOC.
My delicious fish ball koay teow soup.
So nice to see the colours of Hatyai especially in the market.

A restaurant that looks and feels like home.
A church is seen as I rode towards to the fringe of the town.
Deep fried seafood stall near Lee Garden Shopping mall
I want to come back to see more of Hatyai , till then cheers!!!


Kash said...

Can i join in your next trip,lol

Anonymous said...

Well done, man. Nice pictures. Will be there soon too.