Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Discovering Putrajaya with Dahon Jetstream P8 with Xiang Yi

Good Morning Putrajaya, we were greeted with a morning shower, cool and interesting.

 The rain gave us time to mingle and get to know new friends in the cycling circle. 

The Chief congratulated me for owning a Jetstream. Thank you Chief.
Preparing the maiden ride with this Jetstream P8 while my son is also preparing his.
 All eager to start the ride lining up for photograghy, briefing and awaiting the green to go.

The organiser Mr. Andrew Ng, he organises ride on every last Saturday of the month and I always like his events though at times his messages might be lengthy but we love it.
Thanks to Chris Ng for this lovely shot.
Chris Ng crossing one of the many bridges.
Putrajaya is serene, quiet and safe place to ride and I love to come back for more.
View of lake side and back side.
Xiang's bike went into trouble, while we were repairing there were guards watching for any UFOs coming down from the sky.

Nice boats parked underneath a bridge.
At a glance at this zip zap ascent, I thought it could be difficult to climb but not. It was easy meat.
Putrajaya is truly a beautiful man made jewel and many Malaysians have yet to visit it.
Though he was tried and sleepy but he has to finish the line. A lesson learned one should have enough sleep the night before for such ride.
Xiang Yi just couldn't wait to taste this Indian banana leaf rice. Well done and should do more rides in future.

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