Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Talk on Folding Bike Touring by Sam Cheong

A talk conducted by Sam Cheong on the basic of Touring with a bicycle at Subang Avenue with the supports from Dahon bike supplier and Ed Foo the official distributor of Ortlieb's panniers. Thank to Sam for organising this educational talk and the good tips on bike touring.
Fong & myself decided to cycle to Subang Avenue at Subang Jaya from our homes.
Let's have pan mee for breakfast.
We came to Kin Kin Restaurant, Off Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman for a good pan mee. See my previous blog on the food  here.
Thanks to the spicy chilli pan mee where I needed to answer a nature's call at RSC.
Going through a short cut at Brickfields to the motor lane near Mid Valley.
 The motor lanes at Federal Highway was found to be not so favourable and they are definitely in needs of immediate repair.

We reached Subang Avenue on time for the talk and took a lift to third floor where the cyclists gathered.
The response was good and the talk by Sam was truly valuable.
Sam brought us to USJ 8 for lunch though we failed to taste the desired Nasi Beryani but never the less our lunch was great.
From USJ8 we left via Kesas Highway to Bukit Jalil to catch a train.
After a hot and sweaty ride on Kesas motor lane we safely found ourselves at the LRT station.
Our bikes have to be properly folded and bagged for embarkation.
Waiting at the platform for a train to Masjid Jamek where we will shift train for our respective home destinations.
It was a 60km plus cycling with train rides back home and surely a good work out. Cheers & See You Again.

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