Thursday, December 20, 2012

Cuti Cuti 1 Malaysia Bike Ride @ Putrajaya

Before 7.00am there were thousand of cyclists flowing in to check their registration and to collect their goodie bags at Putrajaya Square.
There were two categories the Jamboree that goes into dirt tracks etc etc and a leisure ride that covers plus minus 20km. This is the leisure category waiting to begin after the Jamboree.
The Minister of Tourism visited us at the starting line and a surprise to see her with us.
A big contingent from Indonesia joined the fun too. Selamat Datang sahabat sahabat dari Indonesia.
There were all kinds of people all kinds of bicycle and all for one purpose to have fun on a lovely Sunday in Putrajaya.
Our kaki foldies assembled at the frontline and waiting to rock & roll.
Yes!!! The siren is on & let's pedal.
The kids too had a good time so were the birds flying above us.
For those who have not visited Putrajaya before, this is an example of a good time to enjoy the beautiful scenery of this federal capital. 
A mother space ship that has just landed in Putrajaya and the riders are were approaching to welcome any aliens that might be landing.
One of the three pit stops where water & banana were provided, this photo shows the ride was about to recommence with a safety truck in front.
The bananas were big and tasty a good source of energy for cycling.
One of the many type of bicycles that came for the carnival these are fixie bikes .... I don't think it's suitable for uncle like me.
Beautiful colour was everywhere bright and flashing as long as there are riders the colour will be there. 
My neighbours, Tey family have succumbed to my deadly poison and they have happily and willingly taken up cycling. I am glad they have enjoyed the ride and they are now looking forward for more events...bravo keep it up.
This scene looks like a revolution about to be executed at an administrative capital with thousands of cyclists invading the office.
Time to have lunch and lucky draws. Shade was limited at the Square we took shelter at the fringe of Dataran.
 It was lengthy closing ceremony, we were getting restless and wanted to move on to another agenda.... that is to eat again at a seafood restaurant somewhere nearby.

While waiting I tried this cute little bike, "Pacific Carry Me" that belongs to Andrew Ng. Such a cool tiny vehicle vroooom....
After the lunch at Putrajaya Seafood Restaurant, Taman Botani we rode back to our respective cars and head for home
It was a good leisure ride covering a distance of around 23km. A fantastic outing for thousand of cyclists from all over. Thanks to Ministry Of Tourism and will be looking forward for more of fun events.

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