Monday, December 24, 2012

Wednesday Evening Ride by Kaki Foldies - Kenny Hills

For the last couple of months a group of us have been taking on the roads of Klang Valley specifically on Wednesday evenings. This is one of the regular rides the seven of us who took the roads of Lake Gardens, Kenny Hills and Little Jakarta.
The route we took for a total distance of 22 kilometres.
The meeting point was at Jalan Raja besides Royal Selangor Club. 
While waiting for the full attendance we rode around the famous Padang of Dataran Merdeka which was currently under some kind of upgrading and the place looks messy indeed.
Warming up by going round the KL famous field.
By then the late comers would have arrived for the actual ride.
Our first destination was Lake Gardens
We had two cycling friends who came and join us for this Wednesday ride.
One of the beautiful spots for photography.
At a traffic light where we will abide obediently to the traffic rules in the name of safety on the road.
There are many roads in Kuala Lumpur that we seldom used especially those old roads built during the colonial days, this is one of them. Totally no town planning at all and was designed base on the contour and terrain of the land.
Did you know or remember that the old palace of Selangor is still in existence in Kuala Lumpur, this ride took us here for a good discovery in addition for a good exercise.
A peep into Jalan Mahameru during after office hours while we were crossing  from Bank Negara side to Kenny Hills.
There were several tough climbs but did not hamper us we enjoyed the narrow and undulating roads of Kenny Hills.
 We exited Bukit Tunku via Jalan Tun Ismail taking us to Putra where the World Trade Centre is located.

At a traffic light over looking into UMNO building. From here we headed to Tiong  Nam, Chow Kit & Little Jarkata.
Most of us were hungry some were complaining to eat as soon as possible and  I took them here to savour  some Minang food from Indonesia since we were in Little Jarkata.
Plain rice with beef tendon & tapioca leaves
Plain rice with fried free range chicken & tapioca leaves

The ups and downs of our ride.
Job well done and we will see you again.

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