Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Pan Mee Specialist @ Jinjang Selatan, kuala Lumpur

A Pan Mee specialist as acclaimed on the signboard and it took me two visits to post this.
Our second visit in the morning for breakfast was better and it was cooling and a smaller crowd.
Broad Pan Mee topped with anchovies, sliced mushroom, fried shallot and a bowl of soup with two fish balls, bean curb sheet and veggie.
One thing for sure this stall is all about Pan Mee,  This was my first visit and I opted for a pinched dough with thick gravy known as "Loh". The chill sauce is green in colour and a bit sweet.
On a hot day this place is like a sauna, I was sweating profusely even before I started eating.
A bottle of vinegar to add excitement into your Pan Mee delicacy.
Though it was hot under the metal roof but the people just do not mind the heat as they all love the Pan Mee more.
 Land marks that might help you locate this stall.

Kim Kia Pan Mee Specialist
Jalan A
Jinjang Selatan
Kuala Lumpur
GPS : 3.19989,101.665621

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