Friday, December 14, 2012

From Bentong to a Hot Spring & a Waterfall

It's riding again this time we are heading to Bentong, Pahang for an adventure to a hot spring and a waterfall. This was the route we rode on a beautiful Sunday.
I reached Bentong town early for a must hunt of a Wan Tan Mee stall by the name of "Hooi Kee"

开记云吞面 and this time I got them as I have failed on my previous attempt.

I ordered a bowl of soupy WTM and it was gorgeous, what a good start for the day.
The time was 6.30am and the coffee shop was already filled with customers.
If you are interested to check this place out, look for this shop by the name of Yuen Kee

源记茶餐 which is located opposite an Indian Temple.

Half and hour later we gathered at RHS Bank the organiser Andrew Ng gave a briefing to the group and a total of 30 plus riders attended this ride.
Let's go.....
The bulk of the riders adjourned to this shop for a meal of Dim Sum & WTM.
The many folding bikes and others parked right in front of the shop while the owners happily eating inside.
The ride going to the hot spring of Bentong through durian orchards and such a lovely canopied road. This is the old road linking Kuala Lumpur and the east coast. It was then a very popular route before the Karak Highway was built.
Many took the chance to soak their feet in the hot spring while others would mingled around the pond.
A spot pit at a durian collection point on our way back to Bentong town as we need to pass by the town for our next destination.
A mandatory stop at this famous shop @ Bentong for a icy cold ice kacang and ice cream @ Kow Po.

That is Chamang up the hills, that is where the waterfall is located and more to ride to get the spot.
At last a sign that relieved us our agony of climbing.
Ultimately I reached the destination with such a beautiful view . A must visit place if you are in Bentong.
My desperate attempt to savour durian at Chamang Waterfall came true.
A friendly vendor opened several fruits for us and all for only RM6.00. That was our first session of eating a local durian.
Our second session of durian somewhere on the way down and this time the durian was magnificent  The name of this durian is called "Beruang King" creamy and heavenly delicious,
After having so much durian and I was still  hoping to bring back home these king of fruits but just could not do it with my bicycle.
A group of us took a group photograph for remembrance.
Some of us stopped over at Bukit Tinggi Village for a sumptuous lunch before we parted our ways .

A journey that toiled us approximately 57km with interesting climb and rolls especially the stretch nearer to the waterfall. It was indeed a beautiful Sunday and an enjoyable ride.

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