Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Hit & Mrs - Something New at a Quiet Bangsar

I was invited to visit a new f&b outlet but I do not have the slightest idea for what occasion was it a drinking session or a dinner. Then I came to this restaurant apparently only 2 days old, the place looks cool and cosy. And I found out that we are going for a dinner some kind of fine dining.
 Some super light starters to start with.

Lamb, barley & peas if ordered alone is RM55.00
Risotto, tomato & scallop
Chicken, truffillondiase and quinoa.
A new place to chill out with nostalgic ambiance and please go check it out.
The 10 diners who came to explore a new place under the invitation of the Leows'. I think these gentlemen did not really appreciate the dinner but we are learning and trying to get used to it. Anyway thanks for the dinner, I enjoyed the company and the discovery.
The Menu.
The service has plenty to be improved especially the kitchen meal time has been stretched too long leh a bit torturous.
Hit & Mrs,
15, Lorong Kurau, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2282-3571
GPS : 3.122489,101.671018
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