Thursday, December 22, 2011

Restoran Tonny @ Tapah for Eel Delicacy

As planned, we wanted to eat eel delicacy in Tapah and there are few shops that serve such food. Restoran Tonny is one of them located near and opposite side of the Police Station.
Braised pork belly with yam turned out to be a favourite among us.
The aroma of this pork rib was so distinguish & good and not forgetting the delicious bites of this meat dish. Thumb up for this one.
These two vegetables were yummy paku veggie and a stir fried sawi.

Steamed frogs with rice wine and soy sauce were not everybody liking but it was super duper yummy to some.
At last the chunky and succulent eel fried with dried chilli was the highlight. Onagi as the Japanese would called it. And Tapah provides one of the best and you must try it.
15 of us into two tables and everyone was happy with this visit.

Restoran Tonny (Changed onwership already)
Jalan Bidor-Tapah
Near & opposite Balai Polis
Tapah Town
GPS : 4.19349,101.264387

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