Thursday, December 05, 2013

A Ride to Loke Yew Family Graveyard

This is Tsui Lan Memorial Hall part of Loke Yew Family Graveyard which is actually very near to where I stay. Harry suggested to take me there and I was delighted to say YES. 
Harry used to the go there when he was a schoolboy, we found that the 2 accesses have been closed like this one near Setapak Jaya.
Somehow you need to get in through the Army security check points to be able to visit the graveyard. And surprisingly some of the personnel staying here are not aware of this graveyard. It took us a while to locate the place. You need to hike up a bit to the graveyard. This is the coordinates GPS : 3.183388,101.733237 where I hiked & it's near a Religious school along a road called Jalan Rosli Buang.
As last I found Loke Yew's resting place up at the highest point but covered with thick vegetation that you cannot see it from the outside.
One of the two guarding lions of the graveyard.
A view from the Tsui Lan pavillion hall.
Circular concrete railing around the grave. 
Proudly standing beside the man who is responsible for many things in Kuala Lumpur like one of the founding fathers of Victoria Institution, Cathay Organisation and rubber, tin business so on and so forth......
View from the bottom where there are four graves aligned straightly and facing west.
View from the statute of Loke Yew, I have seen old pictures of this view where you could seen lower Kuala Lumpur.... it is now being screened by this vegetation.
At the middle of the slope looking up towards Loke Yew's grave.
On the way out of the army camp with this shot for remembrance.
the location.

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Thanks for your clear instruction on how to get there :D